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Feedback is important to improve the overall quality and user experience of the software. To report problems see the Reporting problems page.

  • Did you encounter any bugs?
  • What features were missing?
  • What features did you like?
  • What did you find annoying?
  • Was it slow to run?
  • Was the software hard to install/setup/use?
  • Did the documentation help?
  • Does it solve the types of problems you want it to solve?
  • Would you recommend it to anybody? If so why? If not why?
  • etc etc.

So any feedback is greatly appreciated to improve the experience for future users.

Also if you have any data lying around or even a particular patch that you think would be useful, we encourage you to send it over so we can include it in the main distribution. See the Contributing page for more information.

You can let us know through the Contact page.