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Related publications

See the Related publications page.

Related projects

A list of projects with similar ideas and scope.

  • Infiniscale: TechModeler, TechAnalyzer: automatic model generation tools for EM applications
  • visualDOC: VisualDOC, a design optimization tool
  • MARS: A spline based modeling tool
  • Modelcenter: A datamining and modeling tool
  • iSIGHT: A datamining and modeling tool
  • Datascape: A datamining and modeling tool
  • Friendship systems: Tools for modeling ship hulls parametrically and performing the modeling calculations (Equilibrium tool)
  • Nimrod/G: Execute parameter sweeps on the grid
  • ProActive: Java grid library
  • Nimrod/O: Grid-enabled optimization toolkit
  • NEOS: Distributed optimization toolkit
  • iLab: automated parameter study toolkit
  • SciRun: Problem Solving Environment (PSE), for simulation, modeling, and visualization of scientific problems.
  • ModeFRONTIER: environment dedicated to the set up of design assessment chains and efficient investigation of the design space.
  • Gridbus: metascheduler for the grid
  • Gridsolve/Netsolve: grid enabled scientific computation toolbox
  • DTREG: a powerful statistical analysis program that generates classification and regression trees and Support Vector Machine models that can be used to predict parameter values.
  • MDO: A collection of MDO links
  • GOSSET: A general purpose program for designing experiments
  • DAKOTA: Design Analysis Kit for Optimization and Terascale Applications
  • DIPSO: Wide-Area Distributed Problem Solving (DIPSO
  • GEODISE: Grid Enabled Optimisation and Design Search for Engineering
  • Poseidon: A distributed information system for ocean processes.
  • EZfit : Free curve fitting toolbox for matlab
  • SGIT : A Sparse grid interpolation toolbox

Related labs

A list of labs/researchers with similar ideas and scope.

Data sets - Simulation code

A list of publicaly available datasets and simulation codes, useful for testing.

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