Known bugs

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While we always try to test each release as much as we can, inevitably some bugs will always slip through unnoticed. This page only shows the most important bugs that have surfaced after the release was made.

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If you happen to encounter something not listed here, please report it.

Version 5.0

Bug Consecutive runs on the same dataset are not independent (can cause dataset depleted exceptions)
Status Fixed in SVN.
Workaround Wait for next release.

Bug Duplicate samples and samples with NaN/Inf values are not filtered properly.
Status Fixed in SVN.
Workaround Wait for next release. Simulators that may return invalid values or duplicate samples should be avoided until then.

Bug You get the following error: "Failed to create object of type ANNGeneticInterface, error is "Undefined variable "logger" or class "logger.severe"
Status Fixed in SVN.
Workaround Simply remove the offending line or set complex handling to split or modulus (you are trying to model complex data with ANNs).