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Download instructions can be found [http://www.sumo.intec.ugent.be/?q=SUMO_toolbox#download on the SUMO lab website].
Download instructions can be found [http://www.sumo.intec.ugent.be/?q=SUMO_toolbox#download on the SUMO lab website].
== Available Versions ==
Once you are logged into the [http://www.sumo.intec.ugent.be/?q=SUMO_toolbox#download SUMO lab website] there are different versions available for download. Make sure you also check the [[System requirements|system requirements]] before downloading. If you are unsure which one to take, take the first one.
=== SUMO-Toolbox-<version>-all.zip ===
'''Macintosh OSX and Windows users should use this version.'''
In this version only the java files are compiled. This means it is fully functional out of the box, no need to compile anything, just as long as you do not use any of the built in C/C++ examples or some of the SVM/ANN libraries. If you want to use those you will have to compile the relevant C/Mex files yourself (see the [[Installation|installation instructions]]).
This distribution will thus run on ANY machine that fulfills the [[System requirements|system requirements]]. So this will also run on Linux/Unix systems.
=== SUMO-Toolbox-<version>-unix-<arch>.zip ===
This is same version as above, except that all C/C++/Mex files have been compiled on a modern Linux distribution, meaning you dont have to do this yourself (though you still can if you wish).
So if you are running a modern Linux system, all you have to do is unzip and run. Make sure you pick the version that matches your computer. For example:
* x86_64 -> for 64bit computers (Opteron, Pentium D, Core 2 Duo, ...)
* x86 -> 32bit x86 compatible architectures (Pentium 4, ...)
=== SUMO-Toolbox-extensionPack-<...>.zip ===
This zip file contains extra functionality (in the form of third party libraries for support vector machines, neural networks, optimization routines, ...) that are distributed under their own license (usually an open source license like GPL, BSD, ... with a specific non-commercial clause).
If you download and/or use these files please respect their licenses (found in doc/licenses), '''THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY !!!'''.
=== Nightly builds ===
=== Nightly builds ===

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Obtaining the SUMO Toolbox

The SUMO Toolbox is available for academic (resarch) use and for commercial use. If some form of collaboration is possible, please let us know.

Download instructions can be found on the SUMO lab website.

Nightly builds

Nightly snapshots of our development tree are available on request. These contain the latest bugfixes, newest features but may also be unstable.


See the installation instructions here.

Latest Features

To get an overview of what has changed in each version please consult the Whats new and Changelog pages.