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== Obtaining the M3-Toolbox ==
== Obtaining the SUMO-Toolbox ==
=== Downloading ===
=== Downloading ===

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Obtaining the SUMO-Toolbox


The current version you can download is 4.2. We are working on a major new version 5.0 which will see countless fixes and new/improved features. This release will also mark the rebranding of the M3-Toolbox. From then on the toolbox will be known as the SUrrogate MOdeling (SUMO) Toolbox. The expected release date is the end of January / beginning of February 2008.

You can freely download the toolbox for personal, academic, non-commercial use. In order to obtain a copy, please register here. Once you have registered, an email will be sent to you with download instructions.

Important: If you do not receive an email within 24 (max 48) hours, let us know! There may be a problem with our download infrastructure.

Registration notes

In order to download you have to register using this link: http://gforge.coms.ua.ac.be/register.php

If you also want to submit bug reports or post on the forums you should also register here http://gforge.coms.ua.ac.be/account/register.php

If you only want to download please use the first link only!

Latest Features

To get an overview of what has changed in each version please consult the Whats new and Changelog pages.

Available Versions

There are 4 versions available for download. Make sure you also check the System requirements before downloading.


There is no reason to use this version unless you want to compile everything from scratch.


Macintosh OSX and Windows users should use this version.

In this version only the java files are compiled. This means it is fully functional out of the box, no need to compile anything, just as long as you do not use any of the built in C/C++ examples or the least squares support vector machines. If you want to use those you will have to compile the relevant C/C++ files yourself (see the installation instructions).

This distribution will thus run on ANY machine that fulfills the requirements.


This is only for UNIX/Linux compatible operating systems

Here all source files are compiled. All you have to do is unzip and run. Make sure you pick the version that matches your computer. For example:

  • x86_64 -> for 64bit computers (Opteron, Pentium D, Core Duo, ...)
  • x86 -> 32bit x86 compatible architectures (Pentium 4, ...)


These are nightly snapshots of our version control tree. Use this for the latest features and updates.

Warning: we do not guarantee this version wil always work or even compile.