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There are many ways to help improve the SUMO Toolbox, the most important one being the easiest: simply let us know what you think. Also, if you run into a bug or any other issue, please report it.

Contributing Data

We are always on the lookout for interesting data sets, mathematical functions, simulator codes, ... that we can use to test and improve the toolbox. So if you have any such examples that you wish to share, or you would like to see it modeled, please contact us and we will gladly take a look.

Contributing Documentation

The SUMO Toolbox is research software, and while we do our best to document everything, there are things we have forgotten to mention or simply haven't had time to write down yet. If you run into any such things please feel free to contribute to this website by Special:Userlogin logging in.

Contributing Code

Likewise, if you have integrated some particular model type, modeling algorithm, sample selection algorithm, ... and you would like to share your experiences, again just let us know.