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Generated for SUMO toolbox version 7.0. We are well aware that documentation is not always complete and possibly even out of date in some cases. We try to document everything as best we can but much is limited by available time and manpower. We are an university research group after all. The most up to date documentation can always be found (if not here) in the default.xml configuration file and, of course, in the source files. If something is unclear please dont hesitate to ask.



Root logger

<!--Root logger-->
      <!-- log all run-specific information in the main log as well -->
      <Option key="runsInMainLog" value="true"/>
      <!-- Set the default logging level for the root logger -->
      <Option key="Level" value="INFO"/>
      <!-- Specify the handlers to create in the root logger
       (all loggers are children of the root logger).  The handlers determine
       where logging output is sent to. 
       Possible levels are: OFF, SEVERE, WARNING, INFO, FINE, FINER, FINEST, ALL
         <!-- Configure ConsoleHandler (= output to the screen) -->
            <Option key="Level" value="INFO"/>
         <!-- Configure FileHandler (= output to file)-->
            <Option key="Level" value="ALL"/>

Custom Options

Available options:

<!--<Option key="loggername" value="level" />
   <Option key="ibbt.sumo" value="FINEST"/>
<!--<Option key="loggername" value="level" />
   <Option key="Matlab" value="FINEST"/>