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When reporting on results obtained with the SUMO Toolbox please refer to:

Sequential Modeling of a Low Noise Amplifier with Neural Networks and Active Learning
D. Gorissen, L. De Tommasi, K. Crombecq, T. Dhaene
Springer - Neural Computing & Applications,
Vol. 18, Nr. 5, pp. 485-494, June 2009.

"A Surrogate Modeling and Adaptive Sampling Toolbox for Computer Based Design"
D. Gorissen, I. Couckuyt, P. Demeester, T. Dhaene, K. Crombecq,
Journal of Machine Learning Research,
Vol. 11, pp. 2051−2055, July 2010.
JMRL link

For a list of SUMO related publications see SUMO-lab home page. For publications from other authors/institutions that are similar in idea and scope to the SUMO project, see Related publications.